indyourlocko.Com is a creative, cheap and innovative way for Property Owners, Buyers, Transportation Companies, Tenants as well as Banking institution to come together and do business in a more transparent and professional manner.

Getting a House, Plot of land, Transport Companies to transport your belongings and payment modalities can now be done in a matter of minutes. No need to go look for a house each time you are transferred. We provide all these services that Property owners, Buyers, as well as Tenants need such as;

    -       Finding a comfortable house anytime anywhere for Tenants
    -       Collect and Pay your Rents for Tenants and Landlords
    -       Transport your belonging each time you travel
    -       Take care of your property with an ideal platform to see how money enters your account anywhere, anytime.
    -       Geolocate properties, plots of land with association with the Ministry of Town planning and housing to get better pricing and forecasted price for buyers as well as Sellers.
    -       Prepare and advice you on how to get a plot, land title, permits and more.

We source and collaborate with Landowners, Landlords, Transport Companies, banking institutions, Ministry of Town planning and Housing, Lands and Survey and more to provide a more vivid services to our Customers and we help you at each step.

Our Services is not limited to Locals, but also to expatriates and Cameroonians abroad, as we help you manage your property just as if you were home, inform you on new available and affordable plots of lands, Government regulations, Paperwork and future and profitable real estates to invest on.


07 July 2017


Real Estate